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Deliveries are available only in Vilnius and within city limits.

Flowers are delivered only after payment is received.

Delivery price – 5.00 EUR

The customer is responsible for providing the correct delivery details so that the items are received by the customer at the correct address and agreed upon time.

The customer agrees to compensate EDGARAS VEGYS ART & FLORAL DESIGN for any damages incurred due to incorrect details provided, if the delivery courier cannot find the customer/receiver, if the delivery address or time has changed, or for other reasons due to improper compliance with these rules.


EDGARAS VEGYS ART & FLORAL DESIGN tries to give as accurate a product description as possible and any related information. However, in some cases product features may vary according to production/harvest time or other reasons and may differ from provided description. Also, the customers impression may differ from the description given. EDGARAS VEGYS ART & FLORAL DESIGN is not responsible for such discrepencies.

The prices of goods and services are provided for that given moment. EDGARAS VEGYS ART & FLORAL DESIGN reserves the right to change descriptions and prices without notice.


Internet Shop EDGARAS VEGYS ART & FLORAL DESIGN visitors may choose their items and create an order. The customer is required to complete all mandatory information on the order form.

Payment methods for EDGARAS VEGYS ART &FLORAL DESIGN are as follows/as listed below:

Online banking.

Bank transfer to the specified account. (If you chose this option, the order will be executed only once payment is received)

Cash or Credit card orders can be picked up at the EDGARAS VEGYS ART & FLORAL DESIGN workshop, or cash on delivery by courier. (This option requires that the customer have the exact amount of funds for payment.)

The customer can place an order to purchase flower compositions and bouquets at any time, however, the sale will occur only upon confirmation of the order by EDGARAS VEGYS ART & FLORAL DESIGN and issuing of the invoice.


EDGARAS VEGYS ART & FLORAL DESIGN guarantees the quality of the goods.  If the item received was of poor quality or defective at the time of purchase, EDGARAS VEGYS ART & FLORAL DESIGN agrees to replace the item. EDGARAS VEGYS ART & FLORAL DESIGN shall not be liable for damage to goods due to improper storage or use.


These terms of use apply to all site visitors at the time of visit. EDGARAS VEGYS ART & FLORAL DESIGN reserves the right to change these Terms of Use without any prior notice. About changes to the Terms of Use, EDGARAS VEGYS ART & FLORAL DESIGN will provide information on the site, however, customers must check and abide by the Terms of Use each time an order is placed.


For any questions regarding the Terms of Use, please contact us by phone, email: +37060035110,

Vendor: Edgaras Vegys

Individual activity under a business certificate Nr.: 962758

Address: Tilto st. 23, 01101 Vilnius, Lithuania

Bank account number: LT11 4010 0510 0183 4274

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