I am Edgaras Vegys, artist and florist-decorator.

These two, seemingly different areas of interest, actually have much in common. Color, shape and in floristry, smell, enable us to perceive the beauty of the world. Though color in itself provokes an abundance of emotions, the harmonious blend of paintbrush strokes on canvas can create an indelible impression. Similarly, a flower, intrinsically beautiful, incorporated into a bouquet or floral composition in that common harmony of plants, colors, shapes and scents shows a different manifestation and often makes a tremendous impact.

I am one who believes that beauty is already inherently and divinely embedded in nature, therefore my intent in painting and floristry is not to merely create beauty, alternately to reveal and accentuate it-to aid the eye to detect it and provide the opportunity to enjoy it.

Many say that beauty lies in simplicity. Maybe so. I believe it also lies in contrast and conflict, and so in my paintings and floral arrangements I prefer to evoke a more dramatic effect.

In painting, my chosen abstract style of depiction invites people to contemplate all that envelopes everyday life, and not just confine themselves with simple things and ideas, instead to stimulate the mind and will to visualize what at first glance was not seen or understood. Through my artwork, I wish to inspire people to immerse themselves into their
infinite subconscious state, and there, discover new inspirations for life.

I believe the purpose of art is inseparable from emotion. It must arouse emotion, allowing a person to experience themselves and their surrounding reality differently, as opposed to that of everyday life, hence, my works, whether painting or floral creations, will contribute to this objective.

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